An Ideal Outfit

Outfit 1.27

As much as everyone has been raving about all the spring collections, let’s be honest…there’s still some (or a lot, depending on where you are) of winter left. This navy J.Crew scallop dress is incredibly versatile and perfect to take you from season to season — I have it in black from last year — so definitely scoop it up while J.Crew Factory has it in a couple of colors. Flats are also important regardless of the season, although mine generally get the most wear in the fall and the spring. I got these on sale this weekend and can’t wait to wear them– happy to finally have a pair of Yosi Samras, which are both adorable and practical due to their foldability (is that a word?) Not to mention that these have bows. Perfect!

So embrace the tights, boots, and cashmere for a little longer, because winter isn’t quite over. If you’re bummed about that, it’s nothing donning some of your pretty jewelry and favorite transitional wardrobe pieces can’t fix!

In this post:

J.Crew sweater // J.Crew Factory dress // Kate Spade earrings // Loren Hope bracelet // K. Slademade clutch // Yosi Samra flats


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