Friday Things

Is it just me, or did this week seem to creep by a little bit? Maybe it’s because I woke up on Tuesday thinking it was Friday…which obviously, it was not. More importantly, can someone transport me to the above life? Talk about beautiful perfection. But yaay, happy Friday (and long weekend)! We have a couple of college girlfriends coming into town this weekend, which makes for the best kind of reunion. I’ll be finding ways to squeeze in some blog work amid the catching up, and hopefully getting some more reading in. I’m finally finding time to read for fun and it’s been really great! What do you have planned? Have a good one!

Of note…

– The sweetest open letter that will melt your heart (in the best of ways). This is a prime example of strangers doing good, as one always should.

– This Buzzfeed article really resonates me because I love and love the Oxford Comma. We were taught to use it growing up and I haven’t stopped since. I do like Vampire Weekend, but respectfully disagree with this song.

– I’m digging these sheets and can’t believe they’re Pottery Barn Teen! Especially the navy… (also this duvet is on an insane sale and I’m obsessed)

– It’s amazing living so close to a Trader Joe’s, but I’m kind of tempted to visit one of these gourmet food shops in DC. For a treat, and for variety’s sake : )

– Mulberry’s Spring 2014 campaign is to die for. The styling is so pretty and elegant — what girl doesn’t love a tea party? (okay, a lot don’t, but I’m not one of them) This shoot is also reminding me why I’m seriously coveting a Mulberry bag…I mean

– Bao Bao (the new panda at the National Zoo, if you’re behind) is making his debut this weekend! And in case my frequent panda postings haven’t got you enamored with these lovely creatures, there’s still hope for you. Isn’t she adorable?!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. Ummmm I’m in love with that picture. And I’m with you on the Oxford Comma!! It’s awful because at my job, our company style is NOT to use it, and it goes against my soul to leave it out! But then I get in the habit of removing it and get all confused when I’m back to normal writing. I should probably forward that BuzzFeed article to our CMO…

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