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Helloo friends! I’m not going to go into a whole rant on the cold weather (I actually didn’t mind it, thanks central NY, for training me so well!) — but yes, it’s cold and yes, I’m happy I wasn’t in Chicago this week. I hope you all stayed cozy and warm wherever you are! A lot of blogs I follow have been doing posts on new years resolutions, goals for 2014, etc. Honestly, I don’t label my goals as “new years resolutions” per se. Not sure why, I just don’t really like to. I think it’s mostly because a new academic semester (which no longer applies to me) kind of had the same effect, with a restart button effect on things. I’ll probably get around to sharing some of my goals here, but for now, I’m preparing for our little apartment to turn into a hotel for the next few weekends. My roomies and I have some of our closest friends, family, boyfriends, you name it coming into town for approximately the next 5 weeks. It will be great to see everyone, but I’m letting my organizational tendencies kick in and getting ahead/planning so I can enjoy our company when they arrive. What are your plans this weekend? Hope it’s a great one!

Of note…

Matchbook Mag has some great checklists on a slew of topics. They include books to read, decorative must-haves, bar cart essentials, and more.

Kate posted this roasted garlic herb butter recipe that’s so simple and sounds delicious. Who doesn’t like garlic, herbs, and butter?

– The New York Times had this dialect quiz and I’m pretty sure they nailed it. I’ll admit that I took it twice: once without thinking too hard about what answers I selected and choosing words that I say now even though I know I’ve started saying them more since college. The second time, I deliberately chose the answers I would have picked five years ago when I still lived in Texas. Well, turns out now I’m from either Boston or New York and the second time around, I was from either San Antonio or Austin. Not quite Dallas, but they were close. I guess I really have turned into a northerner! Were your results accurate?

– In case you’re curious about the technicalities behind the polar vortex. This version is pretty basic, which is good for people like me who have a hard time understanding complex many scientific things.

– Since we all know how much I love macarons, I loved The Coveteur’s piece on Elisabeth Holder, US Co-President of Ladurée.

– Love this: What your beer (and wine, and liquor) says about your political preferences.

Victoria posted this informative piece on 10 ingredients to avoid in beauty products. I can’t say I’ll remember to check for all of them next time I’m buying products, but it’s nice having a list on hand that you can consult when you want to be extra careful.

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