Bonjour de la France!

Macarons | Cake & Lilies

Many of you might know how much I love macarons. They take my favorite elements of a cookie (sweet and frequently small enough where you can eat more than one) and add a big punch with their jelly, vibrant colors, and delicate composition. When one of my closest friends, Brittany, announced that she was spending a year teaching English in France, one of my first reactions had to do with the incredible food she would be eating and of course, the macarons that she would surely be getting every single day. Does she actually do that? Nope. But she so sweetly brought me a box back last week and I could not be happier. A reunion with a best friend, the holidays, and one of my favorite foods?! Perfection.

P.S. Lilly’s New Year sale starts at 8 a.m. EST today. Despite many technical issues/site crashings with the past few sales, I’ve managed to score some really great finds during their very infrequent sales. Definitely worth checking out, since this only happens a couple of times a year!

Macarons | Cake & Lilies


{Photos by Monica Dutia for Cake & Lilies}


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