Friday Things



Phew, what a weird week! A “snow storm” shut down DC and I honestly can’t decide if time flew by or crept by. Maybe it’s because I love the holidays so much and want to savor every moment– regardless, I’m excited to get even more festive this weekend with a holiday party, some Christmas music, and seeing friends I haven’t seen in awhile. What do you have in store? I hope you have a cozy, festive one and sneak in some fun holiday movies!

Of note…

– Canadian airline WestJet surprised each passenger on one of their flights with gifts they had specifically asked for. Passengers were led to a special baggage claim where the gifts were delivered upon landing, giving us this heartwarming clip. Greatest PR move ever or pure caring and generosity…who knows, but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

– If you live in the DMV and your sweet tooth is anything like mine, you won’t be able to resist these bakeries either– my first stop will be Watergate Pastry!

Victoria tweeted this link and I was so happy that a writer actually took the time to compile all of the ridiculous, over the top gifts we see in magazines and determine just how much editors think we can afford to spend on holiday gifts. Ridiculous! I like my generally affordable gift guides much better (hehe).

– One of the funniest things I read this week…what your favorite kind of cheese says about you. I don’t know if I agree with all of it, but it’s pretty hilarious.

One thought on “Friday Things

  1. Ha, that cheese article is random. Apparently I love long walks on the beach (who doesn’t?). And we just moved from DC and experienced so many winter “storms” that shut everything down. I didn’t mind a few telecommuting days every winter!

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