Happy Thanksgiving!



A very happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you’re enjoying some quality restful time with friends and/or family and filling up on delicious food, catching up on sleep, and swapping stories. I’ll be just outside DC with one of my friend’s families who so sweetly decided to take me in, since flying to Dallas seemed a little impractical and I’ll be headed there in a few short weeks (!!). Keeping this post short and sweet, but I’m so thankful for my incredibly supportive friends & family who have been there for my post-college transition — with the job search, this blog and my big move to a new city. Additionally, I can’t thank all of you who read this blog enough. Seriously, every comment, tweet, text, “like,” “follow,” etc. means the world and I’m so excited to have this little space where I can share my thoughts with all of you!

Have a wonderful weekend, do a little lot of shopping, and enjoy some quality time with those you love! See you Monday, with the final days of gift guides : )

P.S. Might be posting some Black Friday sales tomorrow, so check back!


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