Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Table

For the table…pinecones // pumpkins // place card holders // pumpkins in vase // herringbone candles // metal leaves

For the couch… fair isle throw // initial throw // sequined pillow // plaid pillow

Pottery Barn has some of the most festive holiday decor and what I like best is that so much of it can be used for more than the couple of months a year that are considered to be the “holiday season.” Don’t get me wrong, these definitely have the “fall/winter” vibe, but the plaid pillow could totally be used year round and the sequined pillows would be the perfect accent pillows for all kinds of beds or chairs. Pinecones and pumpkins are definitely seasonal, but I’m loving these herringbone candles for both the holidays and how they could be used at an intimate nighttime dinner for the rest of the year. And if you find yourself hosting large dinner parties, please snap up these place card holders…how adorable and perfect are they? All these things are making me want to cook fancy meals and have lots of people over…to our tiny apartment with a non-existent dining room table!


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