Friday Things

Hot Chocolate


Happy Friday! It’s ridiculous how it’s already November, but what better excuse (not that you need one) to finally start immersing yourself in the holiday season? Christmas decorations should wait till after Thanksgiving, but festive baking, prepping holiday cards, and shopping for loved ones is very acceptably on the agenda. This weekend’s plans include cooking Mexican food with Danielle, going to a Wizards game, and a bottomless brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers— just the right amount of busy. Stay cozy and have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Of note…

– It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale [for women/kids]! Time to stock up on some basics/get a jump on some holiday shopping…I could do a whole post, but here are a few of my favorites: this incredible bow top, perfect classic black boots that are seriously tempting me, this top in navy, a pretty candle, this cowl sweater is perfect, and I’m intrigued by this cool plum dress. Shop away!

Supal posted a link to this recipe and I’m sold…it’s absolutely making an appearance at a holiday gathering this upcoming season!

– If you’re in DC, hopefully this donut guide will give you some ideas on where to satisfy your sweet tooth…drooling.

– And for the weekly Buzzfeed post, we all have our views of New Jersey…

– It would be wrong to end on the above post, so here’s something warm and fuzzy: if you don’t think you like pandas, this video might change your mind.


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