TILT: Things I Love Thursday

Home Decor

[Design Darling]: Topiary // Candle // Matches
[Society Social]: Chair // Pillow // Bar Cart
[Lemon Stripes]: Pillow // Print // Tumbler
[Waiting on Martha]: Book // Candle // Animals
[Biscuit]: Sham // Sheets // Lamp
[Domino]: Candle // Mirrored Pear // Pillow

This week, TILT features decorative pieces and items for your home. Since I started reading blogs more consistently and blogging myself, I’ve come across an increasing amount of unique, beautiful pieces that I’d really  never seen before. In addition to the places I knew best, such as Pottery Barn, West Elm, Create & Barrel and the like, I’ve since discovered Biscuit, Waiting on Martha, Society Social, the new Domino shop, Design Darling, Lemon Stripes (as of recently, with free shipping on all orders– a huge plus to me), and so much more. From larger investments like furniture and bar carts, to smaller pieces like trays and figures, I can’t wait to further decorate my own space now that I’m out of college. Hopefully these sites help you find some pieces for your home, or at least give you a head start on holiday shopping. Be sure to check them out–I’m sure you’ll love them!


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3 thoughts on “TILT: Things I Love Thursday

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