Friday Things

Puppy in Leaves


Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a restful weekend after two in a row that have been incredibly fun but incredibly exhausting. That is, however, after the Halloween party that my roommates and I are hosting tonight. A day late, but still a perfectly good time to don costumes, make festive drinks, and delicious sweets. My roomies and I will be dressing as the Wizard of Oz (Dorothy [me], lion, tin man and scarecrow) with almost entirely homemade (!!) costumes. What are your plans for the weekend? Hope it’s a fun, relaxing, and productive one!

Of note…

– This interesting article from Refinery29 about how “sprained ankles” are a thing of the past. Having shown up in what seems like most TV, movie, and real-life events, you couldn’t go more than a day without hearing about someone having “sprained their ankle.” I honestly can’t remember the last time someone told me that this happened to them, and I certainly can’t think of many modern TV shows that glamorize it quite like 90s tv shows did.

– The Sriracha factory may be getting shut down. As someone who struggles to eat spicy food (terrible Indian, I know), this news doesn’t sadden me much. But I do know how much of my friends and family rely on this stuff, so I can’t help but feel a litttttle sorry for them that Sriracha as we know it may be a goner. What will people do?! Will they actually have to taste their food in its plainest form?! Hard life…

– It’s been all over the internet this week, but this YouTube video of a baby’s reaction as her mother sings to her is beyond priceless. Warning: it may make you tear up as well, but whoever said babies can’t understand any words/sense all emotions is certainly wrong.

– Buzzfeed (sorry, again) had a list of “20 College Campus Pics That Will Make You Never Want Fall To End” and I’m proud (and not the least bit surprised) that Colgate made the list. I also found it funny that a few schools attended by my closest friends growing up also made the list..I guess we pick well : )

PS: How much do you wish that little puppy playing in the leaves was yours?!


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