An Ideal Outfit

Fall Outfit

Sweater // Earrings // Bracelet // Jeans // Purse // Boots

If you asked me to randomly put together an ideal outfit for this time of year, here it is. And the best part is that it can be worn from year to year, since the pieces are classics and will never go out of style.

The only thing that would make this even better is if the total cost was a bit more modest, so here are some pretty good alternatives if you’re looking to put your own version together:

Boots: $60
already pretty reasonable, but these are even less: $19
Bag: $22
Bracelet: $15
Cashmere Sweater: $79 
(have this and love it)
Earrings: $5 
(the original can’t be beat)

Total: $200 

…versus a very avoidable $950. If you’re planning to invest in some of the pricer options above, C. Wonder, Piperlime, and J. Crew all have sales come along that will seriously knock some prices down!


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