Recap: New York City Weekend

NYC Street

I had the best weekend in NYC visiting some besties from college!. It was a quick trip, but simultaneously exhausting and relaxing.  NY-style pizza, SoHo, the High Line, Mexican food, diner food, pastries, wine and margs were all jam packed into less than 48 hours. A lengthy train delay later, I’m back in the District and already planning my next trip to the city! I opted not to take my camera, so these few iPhone snaps amid a rapidly dying battery captured bits of the weekend.

High Line

Above: from the High Line

Sheep Station

Above: Fun sheep gas station art installation

We went to Dos Caminos for dinner on Saturday night and if you’re in the mood for some Mexican food in the city, I strongly recommend it. We all had the Mexican Star margarita (El Mayor Blanco, strawberry, lime, and sparkling wine–!!) and I split the Oxacan-style shrimp quesadilla (below) with a friend and it was incredible. The portion was quite large, so I definitely recommend sharing if you’re going to stock up on chips and dessert (we had churros with a brownie and ice cream.

Shrimp Quesadilla

Churros & Ice Cream


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