Friday Things



I am sooo happy it’s Friday, as I’m sure you are too! This week was more tiring than usual, as I pushed myself to stop being a baby and stayed up a little “later” (which isn’t even that late)– didn’t work out so great, since I’m now ready for some major zzzzzzs these next couple of days!

Things of note:

– First things first, Kate Spade is having a 30% off friends & family sale until Sunday, (excluding the 2 Park Ave Beau) so if you’re tempted/didn’t overspend at the ShopBop FF sale, now’s the best time to splurge. I’m loving this scalloped bangle (and this one, too), this satchel, these heels, this sweet cardigan, and so much more.

– I couldn’t be more excited to try Hill Country tonight with my friend Danielle. We’ll be the two Texan girls stuffing their faces and indulging in some margs.

– Loving this Glitter Guide DIY that looks both easy and practical. It would work well for a housewarming present, secret Santa (yep, went there), attached to a cute hang card atop a present, or just as a treat for yourself.

Lacey is hosting an event at the newly opened TopShop @ Nordstrom Pentagon City, so you should definitely stop by if you’re in the area. I ended up going last weekend (and managed to stop by C. Wonder as well) and it’s a perfectly curated selection of the major British retailer. I’ve always found some stuff from TopShop to be a little too out there, but Nordstrom hit the nail on the head in terms of wearability!

– One of my roommates is going apple picking this weekend (I’m jealous, but am planning on going to a Jackie Kennedy-related lecture at the Newseum instead, so am content with that) and I have a ton of apples, so there will definitely be some baking going on. Any good recipe ideas? Pie is definitely on the agenda…

What are your plans? Hope it’s a great one!


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