TILT: Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday- Fall Separates

Flannel // Necklace // Robe // Bag // Gloves // Booties // Pants

As someone who has always gravitated towards more subdued colors, particularly in the colder months, dark clothing has forever been a staple in my closet. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some pastels and fun Lily prints, but as the leaves start changing I’m all about the dark green, navy, black, grey, and tan hues. I’ve rounded up some basic, classic pieces in dark colors that can be used for many seasons to come– with of course, a basic but sparkly necklace that would add a little something to all of the above. A mix of pretty, comfy and practical… but honestly, I’d say all fit in with every category. I’ve mentioned Sleepy Jones before and have been stalking their site on the reg. If you’re looking for a cozy gift or an indulgence for yourself, you’ll find something here. I’m hoping to get to drop by their new storefront when I’m in NYC next weekend! And I’m still on the hunt for the perfect black bootie….I love the one above but was hoping for something with a slightly shorter heel. Any recommendations? And a simple flannel shirt that doesn’t look 100 years old (like the ones I wear with leggings that will undoubtedly make their way into an outfit post) would be perfect for this time of year. I could rave about each piece in this post, but I think they speak for themselves…small, detailed accents (did you spot the repeating bow trend?) and comfy versatility. Sounds like the perfect criteria for investment pieces!


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