Friday Things



Happy Friday! This expectedly dreary, rainy weekend will be spent relaxing and hosting “Beer & Board Games,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Probably with some festive pumpkin beer and cider thrown in, of course. What do you have planned? Hope it’s a good one!

Things of note…

– If I ever get brave enough to make doughnuts myself, these will have to happen. I’ve never been quite on board with the sea salt trend that’s been everywhere, but it seems pretty great on these. And since I’ve been on the pumpkin kick lately

This Jimmy Fallon skit isn’t exactly new, but it’s fairly new to me and never ceases to generate some laughs and imitations. There’s a few other versions and it may even inspire you to start a little band on your own (maybe)

– BOOKMARK THIS: It’s Emily’s post on navigating the complexities of red wine slash determining what kind goes with what meal. It might finally get me to branch out from my white wine comfort zone, and may make the wine illiterate seem a little more educated

– One of my favorite Twitter accounts is Cute Emergency, which supplies a constant stream of adorable animal pictures of every kind. Use caution: it can be mildly distracting (the number of times I’ve sent people links to images from here is absurd) and will undoubtedly make you want a pet yourself, but it’s incredibly cute and heartwarming. Perfect for a Friday afternoon!


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