Domino Mag


Domino Magazine is back after a hiatus and should be worth a perusal when print issues hit newsstands tomorrow (although it supposedly already has in some places).  While I never read the original magazine, which Condé Nast published from 2005-2009, I’ve been keeping tabs on the comeback pub and its corresponding website. The new site has sections including decorating, entertaining, and travel, as well as an incredibly well-stocked online store. There’s a feature on Coco Chanel’s apartment, which has remained intact since her death in 1971, some quick entertainment tips, a very thorough holiday gift guide, and much more. If you’re looking for a new read that gets you in the holiday mindset, I preemptively recommend this one. It’s definitely on my list!

The shop features items at a variety of price points (we’re talkin’ under $20 to over $1000), as you can see from some of my favorites, below.


Rug // Lamp // Bar Cart // Plate // Bookends


Domino Mag

Domino Mag


Photos courtesy of Domino.


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