Friday Things


Happy Happy Friday! After a tiring week, I’m unbelievably excited for the weekend! Date night, seeing some friends, hitting up The Container Store (I am so so so excited for this…), catching up on some blog things, and some crafts are on the agenda…the perrrrfect weekend. DC has been pretty backwards with the shutdown and the incident at the Capitol yesterday. It’s a pretty weird, sad situation and I, as well as most people, are really hoping it gets resolved soon. There’s definitely a weird vibe around the city right now. What do you have planned? Whatever it is, I hope it’s wonderful!

Things of note…

– I love this article that a friend of mine tweeted this week. It’s from a few years ago, but it’s fascinating to learn about how colors have different meanings in different places. Def read!

Another NYT find (killin’ it, as always) on the Nacho Dorito. If you’re like me and love Doritos, you’ll appreciate learning a little more about what goes into the chip. And of course, you’ll want to dash to the store to buy yourself a bag…

– I mentioned Grace’s blog yesterday, but she made her cat an Instagram and I’m in love. I sometimes think its weird when people make social media accounts for their pets (like a Twitter would be pushing it), but this little guy pulls it off so well. I recommend following for some daily smiles.

– If you’ve been on the internet in the past few weeks, you’ve probably come across The Fox song. I’ll completely admit that I love it– it’s so catchy and the Norwegian duo that sings it makes it even better. So you can only imagine what it’s like when you put them on Ellen…. seriously, watch…it’s the best 2:00 you’ll have all day.

Also, I finally made a Facebook page for Cake & Lilies, so head on over and “like” it for daily updates : )


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