Outfit: Light Sweater

Outfit: Light Sweater

1. Bauble Bar Necklace // 2. Banana Republic Sweater (old) // 3. Kate Spade Bag (similar) // 4. Target Flats // 5. Paige Skyline Jeans // 6. Skagen Watch (similar)

The weather in D.C. is doing an excellent (not) job of fluctuating between fall and touches of summer. It’s generally chilly enough for a light sweater but too warm for a coat, so I thought a bright pink sweater was a good transition piece. I love these Target flats, but they sadly wear out faster than expected. I swore by Target flats to wear out throughout college and replaced them every six months or so, but figured these would last longer since they weren’t abused by dirty floors, spilled drinks, and snowy sidewalks like my previous pairs. Regardless, they’re still hanging in there and are a pretty neutral color.

Considering these pictures were taken as I recovered from a cold (hence the sleepy eyes), this blue necklace made me look way more put together than I actually felt. Definitely a good purchase… it goes so well with some more formal pieces and just as perfectly with a t-shirt and jeans. Aren’t those kinds of pieces the best? With the weather changing and oversized cozy sweaters becoming the most tempting option, pretty jewelry is definitely necessary!

Outfit: Light Sweater

Outfit: Light Sweater

Outfit: Light Sweater

Outfit: Light Sweater


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