Six Things Around Here

Around Here

Just a little glimpse of some things that have been going on around here lately! I made these thank you cards a few weeks back for people at my summer internship– they were a fun Sunday DIY. Food has obviously played a verrrry large role in my life. I’m still embracing the culinary offerings of this city (will that ever change?) — these little “salads” were part of our restaurant week meal at Jaleo and the chocolate/strawberry cupcake is from Baked & Wired. I’m a sharp critic when it comes to cupcakes, but let me tell you, Baked & Wired is one of the best!

I couldn’t resist snapping another photo of my yummy arugula pizza (this one with my iPhone…already feeling spoiled with the new cam) and my roommate and I found this adorable card at Trader Joe’s. For 99 cents, with an Audrey quote. This is 100% getting framed when I have my gallery wall! And the view from my new office building is a stunner…such a gorgeous rooftop where you can see so much of the city. Clearly, I’m never going to get sick of living in D.C.! And bonus…the weather is cooperating right now, too. So happy to say, it’s officially fall! (a subject that I will try really hard to stop talking about so often, but probably won’t)


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