Favorite Pieces: L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Favorites

1. Quilted Riding Jacket // 2. Wicked Good Moccasins // 3. Scotch Plaid Shirt // 4. 8″ Gore-Tex/Thinsulate Bean Boots // 5. Signature Westport Leather Tote // 6. Bailey Island Pullover Sweater // 7. Deerfield Boots // 8. Reversible Fitness Vest

L. L. Bean is one of my most favorite stores, especially as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Their fall and wintry selection never seems to disappoint in terms of value and functionality. Included in this category are my beloved Bean Boots (four), without which I could not have survived upstate NY winters. I don’t think they’re ugly like some people do, and I’m hoping that there’s a way to sneak them into my winter wardrobe here in D.C. We’ll see how that goes, given that it doesn’t exactly snow on the reg here!

My go-to fall coat (admittedly, I just got it last September) is this quilted riding jacket (one) in green. It’s by far one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and is perfect as a light coat or with some layers underneath.  The vest (eight) version is calling my name too: vests + fall= perfection.  And this sweater (six) and flannel (three) are likely to make the cut for my winter purchases this year… I will say, I’ve also had my eye on this fleece-lined flannel. Basically, I’m imaging it to feel like you’re wearing a blanket, and that sounds wonderful. The moccasins (two) are a cozy tradition and will definitely be making it onto my gift guides for this holiday season. And last but not least, while I can’t say I’ve ever turned to L.L. Bean for leather goods, these boots (seven) and bag (five) are seriously making me reconsider. The best part is also that the company has incredible customer service and their product quality is among the best. How’s that for a longing for fall?!


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