Friday Things



Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope you all have something fun planned, be it with family, friends, or just relaxing solo. It’s going to be another busy weekend over here, as a couple more friends are staying with us and a couple more are coming into town. I’m starting a new internship on Tuesday so am looking to squeeze in some relaxation and prep for the new job…it’s really crazy how fast time as flown by!

Things of note…

– As someone with a deep love for pandas, I can’t not share this incredible roundup. Thank you thank you, Washingtonian!

– In case you were wondering, Jaleo was indeed as incredible as expected last weekend. It was a four course meal (plus dessert) and we each ordered different things. The assortment included gazpacho, endive and goat cheese salad, chicken fritters, shrimp, fried bacon wrapped dates (!!!) and many more yummy dishes. Jaleo, along with many other restaurants, has extended Restaurant Week just a tad longer. If you’re in the District, don’t miss it!

– I’ve finally managed to drink 8 cups of water a day for the past 5 days and I’m pretty happy about it! I did drink a lot of water–often more than 8 cups– when I was in school (I’m a firm believer that it actually does help ward off sickness– which is kind of a problem in college) but found myself slacking a bit this summer since I didn’t have my bulky Nalgene with me at all times. However, a little extra effort and I realized just how easy it is to do when you have a desk job! Filling up a cup of water 7 or 8 times is a nice excuse to get up and move around.  Mackenzie actually ended up doing a post this week about her mission to drink 8 cups a day. It’s definitely worth a read!

– Every time I read an article featuring someone’s home and their decor, I’m eager to go out and find some cool additions for my own space. Since “my space” and my space alone currently consists of a medium-sized bedroom that already has its fair share of furniture, I’m limiting myself to smaller pieces. Seeing things like this or this does make me want to go to a flea market sometime soon. Either that or spend hours on Etsy or Society Social.

– Finally, I’m in the market for a DSLR and was wondering if anyone has any tips or recommendations on what to purchase. I have a few ideas in mind, but am no photography pro and figured someone else might have some ideas they’d like to share. Please let me know if you do!

Have a wonderful long weekend!!


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