Labor Day Wardrobe

Summer to Fall

1. Harding-Lane Black Needlepoint Hat // 2. Ran-Ban Sunnies // 3. Topshop Vicose V Neck // 4. Rachel Stud Earrings // 5. People Tree Victoria Knit Jumper // 6. J. Crew 3″ Chino Shorts // 7. L.L. Bean Leather Handle Tote // 8. Sperry Top-Sider Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

Labor Day weekend is right in front of us and it’s going to make the start of Fall preeetty official! The fact that September is on the horizon means a mix of cooler and warmer temps, depending on the time of day and where you’re located geographically. It’s also the perfect time for one of my absolute favorite combinations: shorts with long sleeves! Be it a sweater, long sleeve t-shirt, or regular shirt, pairing one with shorts is something I wish the weather allowed for more often. It was easy to do back at school, but DC is so incredibly hot and sticky that sweaters this weekend may be saved for the airconditioned indoors. Regardless, here are some pieces that could take you through the weekend no matter what your plans may be!


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