Favorite Pieces: Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces

(from top left to right) 1. C. Wonder Nautical Flags “I Love You” Charm Necklace // 2. Sabine Green with Envy Statement Necklace // 3. Bauble Bar Torch Blossom Bib // 4. Bauble Bar Ebony Ovum Necklace // 5. Bauble Bar Cobalt Wisteria Bib // 6. C. Wonder Buffy Bamboo Necklace

Statement necklaces are nothing new, but I do appreciate the variety that hits the shelves at so many of my favorite retailers. This is likely the first of multiple posts about necklaces and I can’t help but wish each one of these would make its way into my jewelry collection. In general, I’ve always been partial to delicate pieces that are less showy and more subdued. However, given that many of my clothes are so simple on their own, I’ve come to realize that a good statement necklace can shake things up a little. I’m partial to the ones that possess classic silhouettes and shapes, but there are some out there for everyone. Don’t expect to see me in one every day, but I will say that this cobalt number is on its way to my doorstep right now : )


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