Outfit: Summer

Summer Outfit

1. Banana Republic top (old) // 2. Earrings from my mom // 3. Paige Denim shorts (old) // 4. Skagen watch (similar) // 5. Hand Stamped Bracelet // 6. Dooney & Bourke bag // 7. Steve Madden sandals (old)

Given that I’ve had most of the things that compose this outfit for awhile, it’s no surprise that most of the pieces are summer staples for me when it comes to dressing casually May-August. I’ve had the shorts for about four years and fun fact, they were actually a sort of DIY. I found a pair of mid-thigh (bermuda? Who knows..) Paige Denim shorts on a major sale and instantly realized they could easily be cut and folded at the seams. Long story short, these were those shorts and they now function as my go-to pair. Easy peasy DIY.

The knot earrings (my mom’s from way back when) just found their way to my jewelry drawer a couple of months ago and I’ve loved wearing them to work and on the weekends. And as for the hand stamped bracelet, it’s really one of the most versatile pieces I own. As someone who doesn’t mind mixing gold and silver, I find a way to incorporate it into many of my outfits. I got it personalized with the geographic coordinates of the home I grew up in (nerding out with maps, given that I was a Geography major!) and it’s nice to know that I have that little memory on my wrist whenever I wear it.

What are your go-to items that you find yourself gravitating towards each time a particular season rolls around? As much as I love my shorts, I’m ready to bring out my staple boots for some cooler weather!

P.S. A big thank to my roommate Kate’s sister Laura, who so graciously took a few round of pictures for me this weekend. Thanks, Laura!

Summer Outfit

Summer Outfit

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