Friday Things



Phew, I am so happy to say that it is finally Friday! This week began with a frenzy of busy and I was happy to slow down a bit towards the end. The weekend’s agenda includes a few friends coming into town and restaurant week! The boyfriend and I are going to Jaleo, which I’m very excited to try out. Major props to whomever came up with the restaurant week concept…it’s impossible to argue with how fantastic it is.

Things of note…

– One project for this weekend is going to be to tackle my closet. Let me clarify one thing: my closet is tiny here. I’m a neat freak and like things incredibly organized, so the fact that the piles on the shelf that’s just a leeeetle too high to reach easily and have been getting disheveled is really bothering me. Time to fix that!

– We’re having some people over Friday night and are probably going to stick to some wine and G&Ts. However, Kate’s blueberry mint syrup recipe has me seriously craving something a little different.

– While I’m not a golfer, I have to admit that Kate Spade’s take on the sport is pretty great. From this clutch to this necklace and this purse and these coasters, Kate Spade lovers who love golf are the luckiest since these are all on sale!

– I just started The West Wing from the verrrrry beginning (thanks, Netflix!) and it’s fun watching it while I’m in D.C. It’s a phenomenal show and I’m happy to be watching the series straight through and not just running in and disrupting while my dad watched (this is what I did through a good deal of the early 2000s). I definitely recommend it, whether you like politics or not, if you’re looking to start a new TV show.

Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks for reading : )


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