Summer Sweets

Strawberry Tart

Whoopie Pies

Ice cream sandwiches

Fruit Pizza

Strawberry Cookies

(one) // (two) // (three) // (four) // (five)

There are some foods that are just so easy to associate with summer, be it because of their taste, consistency, and or color. I mentioned how much I love berries the other week, and I’m a little bummed that some of my favorites aren’t going to be in season for almost another year. I came across these images of food (all sugary, of course) and immediately thought about how much they seem to represent summer. Sure, ice cream and brightly colored fruit in the winter is just as good but I still find myself craving hot chocolate, tea, pie, and other comforts when it’s chilly out. But the whoopie pie cookies look too good to pass up so lets just say they function year-round!


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