Favorite Pieces: Fall Sweaters

Fall Sweaters

1. Gap Luxlight Rugby Stripe Pullover // 2. Gap Eversoft Varsity Sweater // 3. Rubbish Cable Knit Sweater // 4. BB Dakota Colette Sweater // 5. Banana Republic Colorblock V-Neck Pullover

Yippie! The best season is on the horizon! A fairly regular fall outfit of mine consists of a sweater and leggings or a sweater and jeans. I just really love sweaters. They’re so comfy, can often be dressed up or down, and come at so many price points. It’s also easy to get a variety, and I’m looking forward to expanding on my collection. I will say, though, living upstate means I have a sizable amount of winter clothing. But you can never have too many comfy, cute, practical sweaters, right?

On another note, the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale started yesterday and there were some gems for sure. The site experienced some technical problems for the first few hours (typical, it seems!) but they bounced back all is well. Except that SO much sold out so fast! I managed to get my hands on this lightweight dress, which is perfect given that I’ve been needing a couple more sundresses. Maybe I can squeeze in a couple wears before cooler temps hit. But in any case, if you’re a Lilly fan, you may get lucky and still be able to snag a few things. Crazy how fast things sell out when a company only has two sales a year!


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