Around the World: 30 Places in 30 Years


As I’ve mentioned before, I love love love to travel. Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled internationally in the past few years given that my winter breaks were spent contentedly on the couch at my own house and most summers were spent working away from home. With that being said, having friends from up north + short breaks (i.e. spring break, Thanksgiving, fall break) meant that I did get to see a significant portion of the Northeast (and Canada). There were so many places I hadn’t been, as my family is big on international travel. I can finally check off Montreal, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maryland! Be it through a road trip or to stay for a few days (or more…I’m looking at you, Massachusetts), I can happily say I’ve explored so many more states than I had prior to moving up north. Yaaay!

Now that I’ve graduated and am in the “real world,” I’m looking forward to traveling again. I know I won’t be able to right away, but there hopefully won’t be that four year gap that existed when I was in college. Be it with my parents, friends, significant other, or maybe even alone, I’m beyond ready to start discovering new places again.

So, I’ve been thinking about places that I really want to visit moving forward and have been compiling a list over the past couple of months. I’m by no means limiting myself to these places. It’s merely a starting point and will hopefully help provide suggestions when I’m stuck on where to go next. Many people make “30 Before 30” lists where they plan to do 30 things before they turn 30. Since I love my lists, I may very well end up doing one of those too. But for now, I’ve opted to make a list of “30 in 30” for the 30 places I’d like to visit within the next 30 years. My start date is going to be today and that means my end date is going to be August 13, 2043.

I can’t wait to get started and share my stories…who knows what the world will be like in 30 years?!  I’m excited that I’ve finally written down a list of places that I want to see, an I know it’s just going to keep growing. Maybe it will soon evolve into “50 in 50″…we’ll see!

The List: 30 Places in 30 Years


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