Collaboration: Issa + Banana Republic


1. Three-Quarter Sleeve Wrap-Tie Dress // 2. Colorblock Cardigan // 3. Red Wrap-Tie Dress // 4. Chain Link Bracelet // 5. Canvas Tote // 6. Envelope Clutch

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! You might have already caught the Banana Republic + Issa collaboration, which hit Banana Republic stores on August 8. Issa was responsible for Kate Middleton’s sought after engagement photo dress and have teamed up with Banana to produce some really great pieces. Kate’s dress was the inspiration for a dress in the collection, and I actually love that it’s three-quarter sleeves and can be worn year round. It also comes in shirt form, which is equally cute. The collection isn’t huge, but it includes a little bit of everything. I’m a big fan of the solid dresses and am trying to justify getting one, but unfortunately the post-grad budget doesn’t always allow for impromptu splurges. Maybe I’ll end up snagging something from this collection, but if you’re looking for some new work clothes I definitely recommend something from here. As a very loyal Banana fan (read: their clothes make up a significant portion of my closet), their quality and style has always proven to be spot on.

On another note, tomorrow’s post is going to finally introduce something “big” on my blog…well, basically something that I’ve been working on for awhile is essentially coming together!


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