Friday Things

Gin & Tonic


A Gin & Tonic is my absolute favorite alcoholic beverage. While some might think gin resembles the would-be taste of a Christmas tree (something my boyfriend never ceases to stop insisting) or is “for old people,” I think G&Ts taste perfect. Simple and refreshing and even better with a lemon or lime! They’re perfect nod to both the summer and the rest of the year, not to mention bring an aire of sophistication.

Things of note…

– There really wasn’t a lot going on this week…I’ve been busy with the job search and evenings seem to be slipping away. I have had some quality time with Cake & Lilies, though, and I promise one of the things I have planned will make an appearance next week. It’s already well on it’s way to completion!

– I swear this is my last thing about this season’s Bachelorette, but the spoilers were WRONG! How often does that happen? Pretty much never (I think…I don’t know, I don’t actually watch a lot of reality television). But that was enough to trigger some excitement and a little emotion in our apartment on Monday, seeing as we all read the spoilers after episode one and were therefore pleasantly surprised by the ending. I guess that goes to show you shouldn’t trust spoilers!

– One of my friends got a puppy last week and I am absolutely dying to see it. You know that rambunctious, stubborn puppy behavior? She apparently has all of it. Fingers crossed we get to play with it this weekend, and I’ll be sure to try and snap some pictures if the little nugget ever stops moving.

– It’s supposed to be a rainy one for most of this weekend and that usually puts me in the mood to cook or bake. That usually means turning to Pinterest, and I’ve already pursued a few options…. perhaps these, or these, followed by these…hmmm. Thoughts?

If you don’t already, follow me on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ (I would particularly loooove more friends on the latter, heh)! Also, just in general, thank you all so incredibly much for reading. It really means a lot when people comment, both in person or on the blog, and I’m so happy to hear that people enjoy this creative outlet just as much as I do!

Have a great weekend!!


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