Wrist Candy

Delicate Jewelry(star) // (initial) // (atlas) // (pearls & gold) // (twilight bracelet)

As much as I love a good statement necklace, I’ve always been drawn to more delicate pieces. They can be worn alone or layered and add something to both the simplest and already adorned outfits. These are some of my favorites and span all budgets, from affordable to fairly impractical. The pearl, silver and gold one costs an absolute fortune, but is still so pretty to look at. The Atlas collection from Tiffany has always caught my eye (not shocking, given that I majored in geography) and this bracelet is stunning. While I grew up going for gold over silver, I would get this in a heartbeat. I got this silver stamped bracelet last summer with the geographic coordinates of the house I grew up in (geography…again. oops) and it works so well by itself or with other bracelets. You can never have too much jewelry, riiiiight?

However, when it comes to simple, delicate pieces, I can’t stop coming back to Maya Brenner. Her designs are just so dainty and pretty and I’m dying to add a piece or two to my collection. The initial bracelet and twilight bracelets are perfect. I can just picture layering them or wearing them alone on a daily basis, which in my mind are two of the most important qualities in jewelry!

Do you have a go-to style or brand of jewelry that you wear on a daily basis?


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