Food Around Here

Food pics

(top row, left to right): patriotic strawberries; gin & thyme cocktail; creamy dessert with phyllo (second row): eggplant and mix greens; The Constitution; blueberry, banana, mango, spinach smoothie (third row): sushi lunch; birthday dessert at Co. Co. Sala; Surfside fish tacos

Since moving to D.C., one of my favorite things to do has been to eat at as many restaurants as possible. While this can be pricey on a recent-college-graduate budget, I’ve managed to discover some great finds during the past couple of months. Some of my favorites have also been homemade, which is great since it often means I can have them (almost) any time. I’ve compiled some that I’ve remembered to photograph (sometimes it’s hard to remember when the food is taunting you … if you look closely, this happened with the tacos), which include the patriotic strawberries that my friend Jill made for our 4th of July BBQ and the smoothie I posted the other day. The eggplant looks so fancy and tastes about the same, but big secret: it’s actually just frozen eggplant patties from Trader Joe’s sprinkled with some goat cheese and balsamic dressing on a bed of mixed greens (bagged salad from Trader Joe’s is a staple around here). So cheap and delicious, it remains on my grocery list each week.

The gin & thyme cocktail and dessert with phyllo came from Zaytinya, which I definitely recommend if you’re ever in D.C. It’s tapas style and despite an overwhelming menu, is really amazing. Unfortunately I can’t seem to track down the exact names of the dessert and drink (it’s just not posted on their site right now, unfortunately), but they both had some of the most amazing combinations I’ve had in awhile. Lesson learned: thyme goes really, really well with gin.

The highlight of this weekend was finally getting to go to Surfside on Saturday. I’ve been dying to go here since I was in D.C. last year and just haven’t had the chance. Their fish tacos completely live up to expectations…they were phenomenal! My friend Kelsey was in town apartment hunting and these tacos were the perfect mid-afternoon break! I definitely sense more trips in the future.


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