Friday Things

Flowers in Perfume


Happpppy Happpy Friday! This week felt particularly exhausting, and I think I really need to spend some more time relaxing and checking things off my to-do list. It’s so easy to watch the evening slip away with dinner, working out, blogging, and chatting with roommates. While I do love doing these things, I’m starting to realize that some more “me” time may allow me to feel like I’m progressing on some things.

Things of note…

– I’m not an avid reality TV watcher, but oh my goodness The Bachelorette this week was insane. I’m not going to bore those with zero interest (which may be most people) with details, but if you want to read more, read this. Essentially, the was probably the first time I actually believed reality television was 99% reality. You don’t even have to have kept up with the season to want to see next week’s part II.

– I spent yesterday evening on a boat on the Potomac and it’s as beautiful in the evening as everyone says it is. Definitely a must for those living in or visiting D.C. Even though I’ve spent so much time in D.C. over the course of the last year and a half (“studying abroad” here and spending a summer here during my junior year, and then moving here after graduation), there are so many things I feel like I already take for granted or just don’t get around to doing. I’m looking forward to changing that with the cooler temps in the coming months!

– My booklist is growing and I’m still looking for some more reads when I finish the couple that are on my plate. I’m currently reading Lean Inwhich is really insightful for people (men too, I’m sure) of all ages. I’m glad I’m reading it at a time when I’m job searching….it kind of feels like Sheryl Sandberg is mentoring me or something. haha. Next up is Maphead, which I’ve started but am excited to finish. It’s written by Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings and basically talks about maps in a humorous and light way. Perfect for my geography major-self. Anyone have some other suggestions?

– The design of this blog is evolving, but I have some new ideas that may actually result in a bigger change soon. I have high hopes for what’s to come, and will be starting with a fun new feature that will hopefully be up early next week. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!!


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