The Cutest Thing

Cute Things(girl & boy) // (puppy in bath) // (sleepy puppy) // (ducks) // (pandas)

Like many people, I have a great love for cute photographs. Be it animals, babies, kids, whatever, I can barely get through my Pinterest feed or a cute Buzzfeed article without squealing and “awwww”-ing multiple times. While cute photos should be appreciated any day of the week, I’ve rounded up a few of my current favorites as a mid-week pick-me-up. And of course, I had to sneak in some pandas (in case you didn’t know, they’re my absolute favorite!

P.S. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (a.k.a. best sale of the year) is winding down and definitely worth a browse if you haven’t yet. I stuck to a small amount of practical basics this year with two pairs of earrings (these in pink and a pair of gold disk-like dangles that are no longer online) and a classic black pencil skirt.


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