Blueberry, Banana, Mango, Spinach Smoothie

There was a period of time a couple months ago where I was drinking a smoothie every single day for breakfast. If you put the right stuff in, smoothies are an easy and delicious way to eat some fruits and veggies early in the day. I personally always use Greek yogurt (generally vanilla, for added sweetness) to get some more thickness and protein. If you’ve ever had a smoothie with spinach, you know that you can’t actually taste the spinach. For those of you who are freaked out by it, trust me, it’s great. You can’t even taste the spinach and you get a decent amount of veggies with minimal effort. The smoothie also has a green tinge, so you feel like you’re being extra healthy. The only reason I stopped having one every day is actually a bit embarrassing… we may or may not have lost the lid to our blender. I’ve been improvising by wrapping the top with saran wrap or foil and trying really, really hard to make sure nothing comes out the sides. Not the most practical or fun daily task.

If you’re worried about the whole spinach thing, I really recommend you try using a variety of fruit and choose vanilla yogurt. The result is surprisingly sweet without being overly sugary.


– 1 cup spinach (if you use frozen, make sure it’s finely chopped)
– 1 banana
– 1/3 cup blueberries
– 1/2 cup mango
– 1/2 cup plain or vanilla yogurt (I prefer Greek)
– 1/4 cup orange juice
– few cubes of ice


Blend banana and juice together and add yogurt, followed by blueberries, mango and spinach. Blend in cubes of ice.

* I use frozen fruit a lot (Trader Joe’s has an excellent, affordable variety) and overripe bananas.
* It’s easy to play around with the actual proportions and add more or less fruit, yogurt, or orange juice. I usually just end up eyeballing it and making use of whatever quantities I have around.


6 thoughts on “Blueberry, Banana, Mango, Spinach Smoothie

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