Favorite Pieces

July 29- Outfit

(knot earrings) // (one-shoulder) // (necklace) // (scarf) // (polka dot skirt) // (bright bag) // (linen skirt) // (flats) // (wedges)

These are some pieces I found myself eying this weekend. I think it perfectly speaks to my longing for fall temperatures (scarves, kind of dark colored skirt) but still embraces the few weeks of high temps we have left (bright polka dots, sandals). Summer heat means wearing pants to work is generally not the best option. Despite the blasting air conditioning, I’ve opted for skirts and dresses for most of the week. These two skirts can be dressed up for work or dressed down for the weekend. I keep finding myself wishing I had brown sandals, since they really do go with everything. As for the one-shoulder look, I’ve always been a fan… so much so that all three dresses I wore to school dances my senior year of high school were one shoulder. This white top is simple but would add a lot to any outfit. I’m a firm believer that you cannot ever have enough jewelry, and knotted earrings are frequently part of my earring rotation. I definitely would not complain if all of these magically showed up at my doorstep!


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