Friday Things

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This weekend is going to be filled with reading, knitting, blogging, job applications, and hopefully painting. There are so many things on my to do list and I’m excited to cross some things off. Plus, guys, knitting is really fun! Not that I doubted it, but it’s definitely better than I thought. My childhood was filled with lots of crafting– sewing, beading, “painting,” etc.– and getting back into that has been fun.

Things of note…

– I went to Co. Co Sala for a birthday dinner and really enjoyed the concept. It’s “small” plates (plates that are supposed to be small but are actually decently sized) and chocolate is incorporated into each of the menu items in some way. We had an artichoke tart, asparagus & lemon risotto, bleu cheese beef sliders, and cheese fritters. If you get drinks, I definitely recommend the Fetish. Terrible name, great drink. And of course the dessert, since it’s all chocolate. They even added a “Happy Birthday” to the plate, which was nice.

– This incredible tale of a dog who finds a little kitten and risks her own life to save her. And it’s from Buzzfeed, so adorable pictures are included and it’s impossible to get through without “awwww-ing” a few times.

– I’m a big fan of breakfast for dinner (otherwise known as “brinner”) and typical cheesy eggs with veggies and some toast got an upgrade when I bought some hashbrowns from Trader Joe’s the other day. I came across some picture of breakfast food that look even more enticing, and definitely go to show that breakfast for dinner isn’t actually that weird. Protein, meat, carbs…sounds like a solid meal to me! Does anyone else do this sometimes?

– Finally, I can’t help but mention the adorable George Alexander Louis. I promise I try to stop gushing about this baby, but I have been a fan of the royal family since I was a little girl. Hence the excitement. Kate somehow turned the tired-because-I-just-gave-birth look into a touching, beautiful, and incredibly put together first public appearance. The baby is just precious and her polkadot Jenny Packham dress was the perfect nod to Diana. Doesn’t looking at these two pictures side-by-side make your heart melt?
Side by Side(image)

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