Fun + Pretty Earrings


1. Bauble Bar Pale Green Princess Drops // 2. Bauble Bar Cushion Amethyst // 3. Bauble Bar Primary Aztec Drops // 4. Nadri Princess Earrings  // 5. Kate Spade Bungalow Bouquet Leverback Earrings

I love earrings and wear them almost every day. Pearls are a go-to and if not, I usually reach for some kind of basic-decorated stud. However, I’ve always had a strong penchant for dangly earrings and have been wearing them a little more lately. Maybe it’s because they made up most of my extensive earring collection growing up or that many sit in my drawer today without getting much wear. I’m a firm believer that they can be used to dress up most outfits, particularly if they look anything like the ones above. My collection is far more simple (I just picked up a pair from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale…they apparently sold out online and are no longer posted, sadsies) but I’m in the market to expand. How cute is this variety? They’d work well with jeans and a sweater, or just as good with a black evening dress. I would happily take a pair of each!

Alsoooo, Shopbop has an extra 25% off sale stuff that ends today. Lots of summery things plus some items for fall and winter. And lots of cute accessories. I picked up this top, which I know will get a lot of use year-round. Who doesn’t love a comfy striped shirt?! Some of my other favorites include this classic gold bracelet, this leather bracelet, a lovely nautical sweater, black & white tunic dress, leather booties, and for a serious splurge, this gorgeous bag.


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