Summer Clothes, Autumn Colors

July 221. Tank // 2. Scalloped Shorts // 3. Clutch //4. Flats // 5. Earrings

This weekend was a scorcher and made me even more excited for my favorite season (fall) to start in a few short months. We had our Gatsby-themed party, but unfortunately no photos were taken due to the lack of air conditioning in our living room. 1920s apparel + 30 people + small apartment + no air = mildly uncomfortable. We still ended up having a great time, but decided we’ll try the theme again in December.

I love the ensemble above because it’s cool enough to wear in these 90+ temps but the colors flash forward to the upcoming season. Aside from the shorts, the outfit entirely fits my criteria of multipurpose pieces; the purse, earrings, shirt (with a blazer or sweater), and shoes can easily be taken from weekend-wear to workwear. The shorts are just a winner anyway because they’re scalloped, and between the food & on clothes, who doesn’t love scallops?


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