Friday Things



It’s the Friday of birthday week and I’m very ready for the weekend. It only seems fitting to have a piece of cake in this post, and I can’t wait to eat lots of delicious birthday-related treats for the next few days. Cake for breakfast is an excellent choice any time of the year, but is even better when it’s right after your birthday!

Things of note…

– My mom and I have made the best of us both having to work during the day and have gotten to spend a little bit of time together in the evenings. It’s a short trip, but it’s really nice to have her around– especially on my 23rd birthday… eeep that’s old.

– The Bachelorette is realllly heating up. If that means anything to you guys. My roommates and I are, as I’ve said before, invested enough to be excited for the upcoming last episodes. Except that we already know who wins because we looked at the spoilers after episode one.

– We’re throwing a Great Gatsby-themed party this weekend and I can’t wait to see what kind of outfits people come up with. No word on how legit ours will actually be, but hopefully we’ll pull through and come up with something good. Pictures to come, hopefully! Anyone who wants to help can get me this…hahah.

– I learned how to knit! In very basic terms, but I did learn and even ordered a massive ball of yarn. So that means all four of us know how to knit. We also sometimes often watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. This is what happens to four people who aren’t used to having full-time jobs and still think a busy day consists of a couple college classes and homework/studying/papers/going out/etc.

– As much fun as this weekend is going to be, I’m also excited for the next couple of weeks. Coffee dates with new friends, a college sendoff event for incoming freshman (weird that we’re going to our first alumni event) and some nice dinners. With some knitting, crafting, cooking, reading, friends, and pool time too.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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