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(mirror) // (pitcher) // (elephant) // (chair) // (nightstand)

Joss & Main always has such a wonderful selection of decorative goodies that it makes me want to decorate my non-existent home in a countless number of ways. As soon as I think I know what I’d want my dream home to look like, they post another sale with a slightly different style that I fall equally in love with. I guess that means it’s good that I have a few more years of living in apartments to start slowly. While my room right now doesn’t have particularly unique pieces of furniture (since Ikea doesn’t count as unique at all), I like to pick up small accents to make things a little more interesting. I’ll eventually post about some of my favorite things from my room, but I’ll say that one of these, a small globe, and an antique jewelry dish have already claimed spots. Getting out of a college dorm/apartment is exciting for many reasons, but having free range for decorating is definitely one of my favorite things about the real world. Next up, I’m in the market for some unique bookends. I’m trying to tell myself to wait until I stumble upon the perfect pair, but does anyone have any suggestions where one might go about finding such a thing? What are your favorite room accents?

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