Friday Things


Happy Happppy Friday! We made it through the week after a long weekend…phew!

Things of Note:

– My friend Kim and I went to the Nordstrom anniversary sale and picked found a couple of cute things without going overboard. She found a nice cobalt Marc Jacobs purse and I got a pair of gold dangly earrings and a pair of pale pink Kate Spade studs (unfortunately, the items aren’t up on the site yet since it’s still presale). They’ll make an appearance at some point!

– One of my roommates, Emily, had overripe bananas and made a great batch of banana bread. It definitely put me in the baking mood and I may try and find a way to incorporate ripe bananas, apples, and blueberries into something similar this weekend. This recipe actually seems pretty simple.

– The four of us decided we’re going to try and get more into crafts. Knitting is already on the agenda (it seriously looks like fun and seems kind of like a useful life skill, maybe?) and I found a Groupon for a craft store nearby. Some inspiration from Pinterest definitely helps perpetuate the craftiness… something like this, or this.

– As much as I know it’s irrational and completely unfeasible, I cannot stop wishing I had a puppy. How adorable is this little nug? Or this guy? A girl can dream.

This weekend is hopefully going to be restful with both a night in and a night out. My birthday is at the end of next week (!!) and that weekend is already shaping up to be pretty busy. It’s the perfect reason and excuse to make this a lazy weekend on the couch with cooking, reading, crafts, and some TV.


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