Summer & Fall

Fall leaves


Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. It’s in my blood: I grew up in Texas and was born in July. Summer in D.C. is hot and muggy and this year, has had some serious rainfall. While this weather isn’t particularly enjoyable, I didn’t mind it too much until recently. It’s ickiness has lead to many pounding headaches (seriously, why do weather patterns need to affect our health??) and puddles of dirt in the most inconvenient locations. Stopping by the Nordstrom sale today (my friend Kim and I were so good and each only bought one to two things), many of my favorite finds were cozy sweaters or leather boots. As much as I love shorts, dresses, sandals, and tanks, fall will always be my favorite season. I think that’s what really made me love the Northeast…the changing of the leaves is really the most fascinating thing if you went 18 years of your life without ever having witnessed it. But for now, I am more than happy to spend as much time as possible on our roof by the pool, eating cold foods, and hydrating an extra amount. It’s just nice to think that what’s coming will be even more delightful. Viva leggings and boots!


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