It’s All Greek to Me



Sorry for the terribly cheesy title, but I think it’s necessary to talk about how great Greek yogurt actually really is. Since it wasn’t actually a thing when I was younger, I happily jumped on the bandwagon when it started becoming popular. The Chobani factory is located in central New York and the local grocery shelves were consistently stocked with the newest flavors. However, the first brand of yogurt I had was the Greek Gods and I still find myself buying it a lot today. I’m not at all trying to review yogurt here and would feel like some kind of traitor if I said I preferred this over Chobani, so let’s call it even. Chobani really does have the widest variety of flavors and it was even handed out after our Commencement during graduation.

In March, my roommate Sophie and I were in NYC and had heard about the new Chobani store/cafe/yogurt bar. It was at the top of our list of things to do and we definitely resembled kids in a candy store when we got there. The way it works is you pick a pre-made combination from the basic menu or customize one yourself (most people did the former, and that’s definitely what I recommend). We were there on a day where you could get a large portion for the cost of a small, so that obviously made the trip even more exciting to us. All of them come with plain yogurt and some assortment of toppings. Sophie had the Strawberry + Granola, which came with the yogurt, strawberries, and clover honey. I opted for the Pistachio + Chocolate, which contained dark chocolate, clover honey, Turkish pistachios, fresh orange, and a dash of mint. Both of us were incredibly impressed and the experience was even better by the fact that you get to keep your own bowl. They even give you a clean one, which is optimal for traveling. Sophie kept the larger one and still uses it for yogurt on a daily basis, and I requested one of the small ones and currently use it to store my rosebud salve and hand cream by my bed. To each is own…

In any case, Greek yogurt has remained a staple on my grocery list and I’m always looking for new ways to eat it. The Chobani store had recipe cards and I took one of each and have experimented with some fun combinations. How do you eat your Greek yogurt? I’m sure some people are a little more traditional and choose the Yoplait route, which is of course a classic despite its limits with cooking capabilities and protein.


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