Around the World


Growing up, I traveled a lot. My parents have always had a passion for travel and I was fortunate enough to be brought along for the ride throughout much of my childhood. This curiosity to see the world has rubbed off on me, and I’ve lately been itching to go on a big trip. Part of what made traveling with my parents so fun is their love for international travel, particularly to Europe. Many of my fondest childhood memories come from those trips and I know how lucky I am to have the opportunity to visit so many cool places.

Going to college, though, meant those trips kind of came to an end for me. My parents still travel, but going to school so far from home meant that when a lengthy break rolled around, it was optimal timing for a cross country flight back to the Big D. It wasn’t that they didn’t offer to travel while I was home for a month-long winter break, or didn’t encourage me to spend a summer working back at home and take some time off to travel. I’m the one who chose to only come home for one summer and spend my winter breaks sitting on the couch with friends, family, food, books, and a TV.

Since entering the real world, I’m starting to realize that there were numerous times where I really should have jumped at the opportunity to take those trips. Not only is it not financially feasible for me to make such trips alone or with friends right now, but you never really realize how valuable vacations and time off are until you graduate from college. Plus, traveling with your parents can be fun…It’s only been just over a month and hasn’t entirely set in yet, but I know it will as soon as the summer ends.

On the bright side, many of the trips I’ve taken with my parents have been overseas. This means that there’s so much of the United States I have yet to see, and doing that is much more realistic for the next couple of years. Junior year, I opted to “study abroad” in D.C. and therefore didn’t go abroad to another country like most of my friends and peers. It was definitely the right decision, as I know I’ll be able to travel around the world for the rest of my life. However, I still have a craving to go abroad, specifically to Europe…there is something about it that I really miss right now. Likely a combination of the people, culture, natural beauty (not that there isn’t any in America…read: upsatate New York) and new languages. So, in the spirit of this travel withdrawal, I’m in the process of putting together a fun series/addition to this blog. It should be a fun way to channel your inner adventurer, whether or not you’ve already seen the world or have a wishlist of places you hope to see one day!


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