Simple Summer

July 8

1. B.B Dakota ‘Maggie’ Dress  // 2. Ran Ban ‘New Wayfarer’ // 3. Kate Spade Skinny Minny Asymmetrical Necklace // 4. Longchamp Le Pilage Medium Tote // 5. Boutique 9 Palanee Sandal

Wowie, a Monday after a long weekend! Lots of time spent trying to readjust to a real schedule with real responsibilities. Hope everyone had an equally relaxing time these past few days!

I’m a firm believer in the idea of investing in a few nice pieces that can be carried from season to season and outfit to outfit. Two personal favorites are a pair of neutral sunglasses and a bag. Also, certain jewelry pieces are definitely worth the investment. Anything with bows is a winner in my book, especially when in the form of jewelry! If you’re in a place with heat that resembles anything like what we have in D.C., it may be worth investing in a few sundresses. I’m currently in the process of doing so and picked up this dress (but in navy & white) in a major sale at J. Crew this weekend. Browsing stores online makes me wonder why prices are actually significantly lower in-store. As someone who despises paying for shipping and is therefore more likely to purchase something in store, this doesn’t particularly effect me but is something I still find to be kind of strange.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalogue comes out online tomorrow, and I’m excited to see what they have in store! The hard copy we get always goes to my parent’s house and living away from home means I don’t actually get to see it till it comes out online. That, plus Bachelorette Monday (what my roommates and I sometimes like to call our weekly tradition of watching the Bachelorette) may make this first day back a little more bearable!


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