Wardrobe: Fourth of July

4th of July-FINAL2

(breezy blouse)// (floppy sun hat)// (gold bracelet with stone)// (gold bangle)// (shorts)// (flat sandals)

The Fourth of July is around the corner and is one of the best times of year to spend time with friends and family. Regardless of how patriotic you might be, there’s no arguing that it’s unbelievably fun to have the day off and gorge on food and drinks while hopefully catching a spectacular fireworks show. With the exception of a couple of years, I’ve always been in extremely hot places for the Fourth. This means that dressing both patriotically and for the steamy weather is often challenging, since festivities usually take place outdoors. I have recently come to the sad realization that my wardrobe is lacking a serious amount of red. That means I’ll likely be borrowing something from one of the roommates and finding a way to incorporate these shoes, which I got a couple of years ago and haven’t gotten to wear as much as I’d hoped. The outfit above fits the bill in terms of airy, stylish, and red/white/blue (a.k.a. American). Shorts and a loose shirt may seem comfy, but another, perhaps more appealing option is a sundress. Look out for a post highlighting appropriate sundresses later in the week!


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