The Week(end)

PomPom balloon(image)

After four long days, it’s finally …Friday! While the week wasn’t tremendously exciting (we’re still working on the whole, work a full day and still manage to go out and do something after work thing), there was definitely some quality time shared over books, TV, and wine.

Some things…

– This dress. The maxi dress trend is one that I have not embraced and don’t know if I ever will (they look great on other people, but are generally not my thing) but this dress is seriously making me think twice. Sally of A Piece of Toast— one of my favorite blogs by two lovely fellow Dallasites!– was wearing it in one of their posts and I was smitten.

– My current book of choice has been The Paris Wife. I borrowed my roommate’s copy and have to say that it’s one of the better books I’ve read as of late. Maybe that’s because being in school means hardly picking up a book for fun, but reading leisurely at our rooftop pool has been on the agenda nearly every weekend

– The Nordstrom sale is wonderful. Most people who know me would understand when I say that if I had to shop at one place for the rest of my life, it would be there. It took a lot of self-control to pass things up, and I managed to only come away with this. Other wonderful finds include shift dress, this shirt, and this bag.

– I love that it’s summer, but these throws are making the prospect of cuddling by a fireplace sound extra appealing! But for now, I’ll continue to get excited for the Fourth next week…

But how cute are these pom pom balloons? There may actually be a crafting session somewhere on the horizon…

Happy weekend!

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