In With the New

Stargazer Lily


After an extremely long hiatus, I’m happy to finally be back to blogging on what I intend to be a consistent basis. I knew that posting consistently during senior year would be kind of tough, but not as hard as it actually turned out to be! So thanks to graduation, moving to DC, and attempting “real life,” this blog has undergone some changes. The first and most obvious part is the name. Upon realizing that was already a registered domain, I knew I needed to come up with an equally telling name for my blog. Since stargazer lilies are my favorite flower, it seemed to make sense when I discovered that “cake and lilies” had a kind of nice ring to it. I’m happy with this change anyway– cakeandpizza was great when it was just about food, but cakeandlilies is a little more broad.

Other changes will be more gradual…I finallllly think I’ve figured out a good way to make collages and as soon as I get a bigger hang of html, hopefully my layout/template will see an upgrade as well. I’m so excited about all of these changes and can’t wait to see how things evolve!


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