Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is always the perfect excuse to make lots of food and sit in front of the TV for hours. I mean, living in America means you have the obligation to watch at least some of it…even if it’s just for the commercials or the halftime show (which this year, was of course incredible. Thanks Beyoncé.)

My roommates and I used the event as yet another excuse to make lots of food and stuff our faces till we were satisfied. The problem is that we embarrasingly forgot to make a grocery list with things we wanted to cook, so we were stuck using what we had around the apartment to create an impromptu feast. However, I’m not complaining. It turned out perfectly and there were shockingly even some leftovers!

IMG_0176Pizza with mushrooms, onions, and mozzarella


Guacamole (we had no cilantro and lime juice, but improvised with chopped onions and adding a few tablespoons of salsa with two avocados. Still delicious)


Mini grilled cheeses (regular white sandwich bread cut into sixths and filled with slices of Swiss cheese — leftovers from a wine and cheese night– and basic bagged shredded cheese)


Potato wedges with shredded cheese, served with salsa and guacamole. Thanks to my very artistic roommate…I ate them with ketchup.

This all came together so nicely and relatively quickly, considering it was a Sunday and we all had a lot of work to do and some of us were feeling under the weather. Also, so proud of us for not making dessert this time. That’s definitely a first!


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